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Why Art?


   Many school counselors are discovering that art is a wonderful therapeutic tool to help students explore new things about themselves and communicate their feelings.

    It is especially helpful for less verbal students who have difficulty sharing their thoughts with a counselor. When an art project is organized around a theme or activity, it can draw children into discussion as they work on their art project.

      These art activities can be used in small-group counseling, individual counseling, and classroom guidance.           







These activities can be used for individuals; groups; or classroom guidance





Group Painting


In group painting, several students contribute jointly to one painting or piece of artwork. Each piece of artwork has a unique set of ground rules that influence what can happen. Group paintings display individual perceptions as well as group dynamics.





Working With Clay


Clay is a powerful medium to help students work through issues such as anger, grief, and fear.    





Self-Discovery Art Activities


These activities encourage students to visualize and then create emotions that they often cannot talk about. Thoughts that may be hidden even from themselves may also surface.





Complete the Drawing


These activites are reprinted with permission from Creative Therapy: 52 Exercises for Groups. In each activity group members complete a picture that focuses on a particular theme. A discussion follows in which the group members discuss what their completed pictures reveal about themselves.











1.     Jessica Kingsley Publishers   The Expressive Arts Activity Book
Suzanne Darley and Wende Heath
A Resource for Professionals
2.     Creative Therapy   52 Exercises for Individuals and Groups by Jane Dossick & Eugene Shea
3.     Creative Therapy III   52 More Exercises for Individuals and Groups by Jane Dossick & Eugene Shea
4.     Groups To Go/Grades K-3   by Arden Martenz
a compilation of fourteen small groups divided into the three most desired topics for early elementary students—academic improvement, behavior, and understanding self and others.








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