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Balancing Your Life and Time-Management Skills


  Help students master the skills they need to achieve academic success. Teach students how to balance their life, set priorities and manage their time.  







Help students see problems as challenges and find the good in any situation.




Setting Goals


Motivate students for academic success by helping them set realistic goals and achieve them.




Learning Styles


Encourage students to understand their preferred learning style. Help students learn how styles differ and understand which way suits them best to study and retain information.      




Tell Students

The Electronic Reading Planner is an innovative program that divides any book into a manageable number of pages to read each day.

This FREE on line program creates a personalized reading schedule for each book in minutes.

3 Reasons Students Say They Like the Reading Planner:

  1. “I’m not anxious now when I have a long-term assignment because I know I can finish on time”
  2. “I get more out of reading a book because I’m not skimming to finish a book on time”
  3. “I don’t put off reading difficult books because I know I only have to read a little bit at a time”

For each book the student will provide:

  • the name of the book
  • the starting page number
  • the ending page number
  • the day to start reading
  • the day to finish reading (this ought to be before the date the book report is due)
  • the days off from reading (weekends, important basketball games, vacations, hot dates, etc.)





1.     Active Learning newsletter   Activity titled “What’s Important.” Similar activities can be found in Tom Jackson’s book Activities that Teach.
2.     Wellness Activities for Youth   Volume 2   by Sandy Queen
These whole-person, “no-put-down” activities help young people make healthy choices about physical and emotional health, relationships, stress management, substance abuse, and more.
3.     Wellness Activities for Youth   Volume 1   by Sandy Queen
Kids won’t listen to lectures about exercise or cholesterol—but they will get involved and learn by participating in fun exercises that help them focus on leading healthy, happy lives.
4.     The PASSPORT Program   by Dr. Ann Vernon
A Journey through Emotional, Social, Cognitive, and Self-Development    An effective prevention curriculum that helps students in grades 1-5 learn positive mental health concepts.
5.     Raising Student Aspirations   Grades 9-12   Dr. Russell J. Quaglia and Kristine M. Fox   Provides teachers with 72 classroom activities designed to empower and motivate their students' hopes and dreams.
6.     LEARN NC   Adapted by Pat Nystrom from “Learning Styles: An Introduction”
7.       Self-Esteem Games: 300 Fun Activities That Make Children Feel Good About Themselves by Barbara Sher


Share an original life skills lesson plan with the counseling community. You will touch the lives of thousands of students in ways that truly affect their future. What could be more rewarding!   To contribute a lesson plan


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